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With Honesty, Tolerance, and Mutual Respect

ACQ Science GmbH

ACQ Science was founded in July 2020 by experts with many years of professional experience in diagnostics and quality control. We have a proven track record in producing state-of-the-art analytical sample materials for toxicological, forensic, and clinical applications. Since our launch in July 2010, we have continued to evolve, and it is time to reflect this in our corporate design. We have changed our logo to show who we are today. The design picks up elements of our previous logo but at the same time conveys a new and crisper look. It is more compact, yet fresh and modern. We wanted it to show that we are a performant corporate brand that offers expertise and innovation.

Company Philosophy

We have made it our goal to treat our customers, partners, and employees with honesty, respect, and tolerance. We have always placed great emphasis on safety, transparency, and the highest level of quality. At the same time, our focus lies firmly with our customers and their individual requirements and wishes. Many of our quality control and reference materials have evolved from close cooperation with our clients.

ISO-certified company

ACQ Science will offer you high-quality and cutting-edge products since, as an ISO-certified company according to EN ISO 9001-2015 and EN ISO 13485:2016, we are committed to constantly developing and improving our products.


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